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Spin Events Marketing incorporates proven business strategies to enhance brand awareness, generate leads, increase conversions and build resonance within new audiences creating passionate customers.

Let me assist your business to develop brand resonance and build customer loyalty via SEO/Responsive Websites, Targeted Digital Campaigns and Social/Google Advertising.

Wherever you are in your business, if you are many years in or just starting out, I will listen to your needs and help you create a digital presence to tell your story, share your passions and secure a comfortable financial future.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, we can get started straight away!

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Websites Enable a Professional Image to Boost Leads & Sales

A GoDaddy survey (2019) revealed a majority (59 percent) of small businesses in Australia do not have a website. This number jumps to 65 percent for businesses located in regional areas. The top 3 reasons given for not having a website:

  • Their business is too small (44 percent).
  • It is too expensive to have a website (30 percent).
  • They don’t have the time to build or manage one (17 percent).

These reasons are just not really true and should not be a reason to restrict the massive potential for business growth that is the internet! Your business is Never to small to have a digital presence, in fact, smaller businesses can gain the biggest improvement in accessing new clients via the web. Yes you can pay a large sum to get a website built, but not if you get me to build it. My website design costs are very low and extremely affordable for any business want to acquire more customers (starting at just $490). The only other costs associated with a website include hosting… $80/yr, domain name $10/yr + any updates you want to do (on my builds updating is easy and I will show you how), or I can update and maintain the site for you.

Its really easy, very affordable and EVERY business NEEDS to have a website! Just relying on social media is not enough nor is it a professional look. Customers that are ready to purchase are looking on search engines. Is Your Business being found?

The survey goes on to outline that many business owners say having a website:

  • Provides a good means of receiving customer enquiries (59 percent).
  • Opens up new business opportunities (58 percent).
  • Means the business can be found on Google (56 percent).

The majority of businesses believe their website has had a significant commercial impact on their success.

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Matt Wingard

Matt Wingard

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Events)
  • Events Diploma
  • Sole trader since 2003
  • Bought to market 6 niche products and services


  • Beautiful, powerful and cost-effective business, e-commerce & membership website design, website maintenance and wordpress website training.
  • Personalised Marketing Consultations.
  • Advertising campaigns on Google display/Google Shopping Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Professional strategies from University training and Sole trader experience.
  • A grounded, no-nonsense approach.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.

Below are 2 recently created unique platforms to assist small businesses and the community. They show the intricacies that I can achieve building multi-vendor ecommerce sites and membership only sites (including internal currency/wallet). is an ecommerce platform for Australian businesses focused on Wellness, Eco Friendly and/or Socially Responsible products to showcase their goods and services among other like minded businesses. is a sharing platform for Australian households to pool resoreces (items and skills) and offer them to other members as a loan, swap or trade without the need for money. Freeomy empowers individuals and the community, releases reliance on corp/gov and reduces consumption/waste.

All our SEM website build clients automatically receive the opportunity to list their business on Tribe Market and Freeomy as extra platforms to build awareness and increase sales.