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Matt Wingard My vision is putting the skills and knowledge I have learnt to work assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their potential of financial success with sustained growth.

I have been in businesses since 2003 when I started an Organic Food Garden Installation Service. These gardens were impressive, 10m in diameter complete with 6 circle beds, a centre bed with pond and a rotating chicken dome. They were complete with a permaculture/companion planting philosophy and imported soil consisting of compost, worm castings, rock dust, mushroom compost and vegetable/herb/flower seedlings.

I started a new business concept making liquid fertiliser and natural neem based pest controls to further assist amazing food crop growth. My next venture was working directly with subtle energy to assist with the balancing of human emotions, these were called Vibration Remedies which was my main income stream for many years during which I gained a diploma of health science and started a remedial massage and healing business.

Wanting to evolve and experience how I can create new products and solve additional identified problems, I invented holographic technology to attach onto wireless devices and worn as pendants to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. I still make this product, EMF Shield, to this today.

Now having completed a business degree in marketing and events and calling on my 15 years business experience, I offer SEM to assist business in delivering positive outcomes via seo optimised/responsive/effective websites and inspirational digital marketing.