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"Together we find your niche and create a strategy of growth to supercharge your business for wealth success, lifestyle freedom and to make a positive impact in the world"

I can help with all aspects of implementing and running a business, including choosing a business structure, website building/design, domain names/hosting exploring a niche or market segment, market research, marketing plans and business growth strategies.

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SEM have proven marketing strategies to get your message to market, have it resonate with your target audience and see results with cash flow into your business. Why waste time, contact me today and let’s convert your business into a streamlined wealth generator.



  • 3 Sessions
  • Basic Email Support


Kick Start

  • 7 Sessions
  • 20 Clarity Email Support
  • SEM Marketing Template Document
  • Freeomy/Tribe Market Membership



  • 13 Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • SEM Marketing Template Document
  • IPT Options
  • Freeomy/Tribe Market Membership


Lift Off

  • 22 Sessions
  • Unlimited Email/Phone Support
  • SEM Marketing Template Document
  • IPT Options
  • Freeomy/Tribe Market Membership

Hourly Rate

You can always contract me on a per hour basis. This can be an option once you have already engaged in a membership.

Some consultation may be group-work to play off other SEM consult businesses to heighten inspiration.

Book an initial consult, then give our Memberships a Spin, Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee*.

(*First 2 sessions. Excludes initial setup of $237. Excludes Ignition and hourly)

More on Memberships

Each SEM consultation membership includes a certain amount of contact hours to delve deeper into your business (and personal) goals, ambitions , inspirations, and provides business/marketing strategies to take your ideas to final execution. You also have access to me via email and phone to gain further clarity when stuff/ideas arise.

Consultations are casual, semi-structured sessions working through your tailored SEM Business Growth Template document and tapping into our combined intuitive resources. Each session is around 90 minutes (can be a double session too) concluding with the formation of a SMART objective to be completed prior to our next meetup.

Sessions can take place at your home/business or a coffee shop/bar of your choosing. Anywhere we can focus on finding the best way forward for business growth that offers inspiration so we can think outside the box. I really do not want to conduct ‘boring’, ‘limiting’, ‘same as everyone else’ consultations. SEM is different!

Your membership includes the sessions chosen (3, 7, 13 or 22) + 1yr Spin Tribe membership + IPT options.

Self Employment... why bother?

Freedom. Lifestyle. Wealth generation. Create a Legacy. Share your Inspiration/Wisdom. Be Creative. Do it Your way!

There are lots of reason individuals create a business and become self employed. Often it’s because you have a burning desire to share a passion. Sometimes its because you just don’t fit with the way others do business and being an employee is too limiting.

To earn sustainable wealth while creating a legacy, something to be proud of when it’s time to leave this Earth, generally requires one to create a business. Flick working for the man or Uncle Sam… we work/play for a greater vision. A vision that allows expression, creativity, individualism and lifestyle freedom. It also has the opportunity to create great wealth.

Lets be frank, not the person Frank but lets talk frank…ly. Self employment is often challenging. Its sometimes very risky. Its demanding and you can kiss paid holidays goodbye for a few years. Its tough…. but when it comes together is bloody rewarding. Its fulfilling like no other job can ever be! Its who you are… A Creator.

I really want to work with you to create the best you. And lets create an awesome business while we’re at it!

client comments

"Matt was invaluable in the set up of my business. From assisting with finding my niche market, strengthening my purpose and vision for the business, to creating my website to my exacting specifications from scratch, including sourcing appropriate domains and hosting sites. Matt’s time efficiency in delivering all of this was outstanding and coupled with his infectious natural drive and unique ‘outside the box’ forward thinking, not only provided me with an amazing end product and service, but inspired myself personally also.
I will be using Spin Events Marketing for all future projects"
Nikki Garland
Nikki Garland
Radio Producer/Presenter | DJ Selecta | Music Blogger
"I downloaded a couple of the PDF Worksheets on the SEM website which got me thinking and heading in the right direction, but after a couple of sessions with Matt it gave me the clarity needed to launch my product"
Quintin Young
"Matt helped me define what my business was really providing to my customers which allowed me to zoom in on pain point solutions and my messaging"
Hilary Leigh

Choose Website Style

SEM create visually appealing WordPress websites optimised for SEO and mobile responsive providing your users a seamless experience to increase conversions and build brand reputation. Talk to us today about building your new site or modifying an existing website.

We charge 50% upfront with the remainder due upon site completion prior to release


Great for a landing page or business info 3 page site
$ 499
Once off payment
  • Customised Website
  • Up to 3 Pages
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO with Yoast
  • Social Media Integration
  • Newsletter/Opt-in Integration
  • 21 day Post-Launch Support


$ 39
99 Per Month
  • 15 Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 500 GB Bandwidth


$ 59
99 Per Month
  • 15 Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 500 GB Bandwidth