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Small Business Digital Grants


Small Business Digital Grants – Now Open

The QLD SB Digital Grants is open for round 6 and closes on June 26.

This is a great way to contract Spin Events Marketing to build your new Website (or other digital marketing) for half the cost! Submit your grant application from the Small Business Digital Grants website and you can receive 50% of the cost of development back as a grant. Minimum spend is $1000 (your cost could be only $500) #qldsmallbusiness #digitalgrant #webdesign

Go to our Website Design Page and get our Enterprise design plus an additional marketing option to qualify.

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Social Media impacts

The graph below from Hubspot shows the various impacts social media platforms have with engaging with your audience. This is a very good visual to easily see which accounts you may need to focus on depending on your desired outcome or marketing strategy.

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What drives successful marketing?

authenticityWhat are the key drivers to marketing success? Is it your product? Is it a user friendly visually appealing website? Is it your unique skills or customer service? Is it your story, the reason you decided to go into business? Or is it the way you communicate your goods and services that resonates authenticity to the market while providing a glimpse of how the product can offer inspiration to the individuals life?

I would suggest all of the above are important but the number one that will cut through the most is authenticity. Being authentic and truthful can be smelt a mile away. Your clients/customers can feel this communication, it travels further and goes deeper than any words or pictures can do. It is a pure harmonic that communicates to ones subconscious and soul. We have all felt it when someone is saying something that is not true or misleading in some way. You pretty much just know because it does not resonate and you loose interest. But if a communication is from a place of authenticity, one of truth and inspiration, you feel that too, and you want a piece of it!

Promoting a product should be an easy process if you are putting the messages in front of the right target market and you are providing an offer that has undeniable truth and value. The best way to do this is to just be you. Don’t make any offer you are not completely satisfied with and never try and manipulate towards a sale. Truth is the cream that always rises to the top and it can be smelled miles away.

If you do require assistance formulating compelling messages to communicate your truth and promote your product, check out the PDF’s on messaging in the SEM shop

Happy Marketing 🙂

authenticity to be true and be seen

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Small Business Digital Grants Program

Small Business Digital Grants Program is open again. Spin Events Marketing services qualify as a vehicle to boost growth allowing QLD small business to use our services and apply for this grant. Applications close April 11. Contact us to find out more…
The Small Business Digital Grants Program provides small businesses with access to digital technologies and services to enable them to work smarter, engage with the global economy and make the most of online business opportunities arising from digital disruption.
Available funding
Matched funding of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) may be provided to eligible businesses for the purchase of hardware, software and services (such as digital coaching). The minimum grant funding is $1,000. The business must show how the digital technology or service purchased and adopted will enhance the digital capabilities of their business and help them to be more competitive and employ more staff.
The digital technology or service must fall under one of four identified priority areas:
* content development (web pages, mobile apps, visual and audio media etc.)
* receiving payments or selling online
* specialised digital technology or software (business specific)
* digital planning, marketing strategy development, and training.
Check out our memberships and add a new website or marketing plan to get 50% back with this Grant!
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Entrepreneur Summit 2018

I attended the Entrepreneur Summit in Brisbane this week presented by Aaron Sansoni with guests including Janine Allis (Boost Juice/Shark Tank). Was a full day of wisdom and inspiration, now looking forward to the 3-day bootcamp in Sydney next month… stay tuned for further updates on how I can better assist your businesses growth goals! #MAIA #Entrepreneur #SpinEventsMarketing


So the dust has settled on the Empire Mastery Bootcamp… it was a very intensive event with 7.30am starts going all the way till 1am each day! the event was designed this way to push attendees out of their comfort zone. Lots learned, mindset enhanced and awesome people met… Now time to digest it all and implement it to help SEM Members!

Empire Mastery 3 empire-summit Empire Mastery 1

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Crowd funding the way forward?

Indiegogo Kickstarter

Its not a new phenomenon but it is becoming increasingly popular and sometimes essential for new ventures to gain the capital needed to bring a concept to reality. It offers the backers/supporters a discount on the final goods/service or other perks as described in the pitch, and it provides the funds the business needs to deliver their value providing product. When it works its a win/win. A successful crowd funding campaign really relies on a great marketing drive to express your compelling message and inspire the supporter to take action and make a donation. have put together a graphic comparing the top crowd funding sites along with their benefits and fees.

Popular crowd funding sites include:


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Get inspired by other entrepreneurs

Australia, the US and Canada have the series Shark Tank, the UK has Dragons Den and online at they have the Elevator Pitch ( These shows are great to gain inspiration into other businesses, how they started (there ‘why’) and what they have done to become a successful business (not all of them of course). Its also provides insight into what VC’s/Investors look for when deciding where to invest their money.


Personally I have been watching these shows for many years, I find them great entertainment and inspiring.

Another show I really enjoy which is highly entertaining for individuals and can be very beneficial for businesses, especially when wanting to gain awareness of marketing techniques/advantages is the ABC’s Gruen, now in its 9th series (


Check them out…Happy watching 🙂

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Sunshine Coast Start-up Weekend 2017

Startup weekends are held over 3 days and consist of 54hrs to pitch an idea then collaborate with entrepreneurs and skilled attendees to bring your idea/product to life and hopefully win the final pitch as being a product likely to go to market.

This was the first SWE I had attended and joined a group to shoot video footage of one group from pitch to pitch (and the process in between) of this eventful, exhausting, challenging, stimulating and fulfilling 54hr innovation weekend.

As it turned out, out team came equal second with the product Tailmate.

Awesome learning experience and would recommend it to all budding entrepreneurs!

startup weekend SCsunshine coast start up ideassunshine coast start up

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Marketing – Jobs theory

jobs theory

It turns out that people don’t so much buy products; they hire them to perform jobs in their lives. Consumers pull brands into their lives to address circumstances in which they need some help to resolve a struggle or fulfil an aspiration—to make progress.

Consequently, for marketers to develop successful innovations, they need a deep understanding that centres neither on the consumer nor on the product, but rather on the circumstance. What causes a person to consume is neither the identifiable qualities of the consumer (such as demographics) nor the product attributes, but rather it is the circumstance-specific job to be done.

A “job” in the context of innovation;

  • A “job” is the progress that an individual seeks in a given circumstance.
  • While many of the jobs in our lives have adequate solutions, successful innovations resolve circumstances of struggle and fulfil unmet aspirations: they perform jobs that formerly had only inadequate or non-existent solutions.
  • Because jobs occur in the flow of daily life, the circumstance is the essential unit of innovation work.

Innovation initiatives that are organised to resolve well-defined yet poorly performed jobs proceed with purpose and efficiency.

Jobs Theory focuses the insight process on the search for circumstances of struggle, unmet aspirations, and pools of non-consumption. Demand-driven insights identify poorly performed jobs.

Nielsen (2016).