What your Business Really Is and the Art of Messaging

Business Messaging. This worksheet is essential to define what your Business ‘Really Is’, plus we outline the Art of Messaging to your Customer Persona for best advertising conversions.





This worksheet is essential to define what your Business ‘Really Is’ and not what you Think it is. This is more about how you communicate an intriguing statement about your business and more to the point, how you assist others… to alleviate pain points and move them toward pleasure.

Knowing what your business Really Is will allow you to see have valuable you are in assisting others. It gets to the root core of who you are and what you Really Do!

Business Messaging – The second part of the worksheet is focused on Messaging. Once you know what you Really Do to assist others, then we can move onto the Art of Messaging to your Customer Persona.

Including compelling headlines and an irresistible offer is key to get your customers to act and conduct a purchase or book an appointment.

This PDF Worksheet shows you how its done!


The Art of Messaging with compelling copy:

The first are analytical procedures. Their purpose is to break down a complicated problem into its parts . . . to examine those parts one by one . . . to find out which is the most important—and to start your solution from there.

Once you have done this, you then begin to build up your solution to its greatest power. You do this by removing limiting factors, and by adding everything you can find that will strengthen your idea. If we wrote literature instead of advertising, these two processes would be called conception and execution. In copy writing, we say that we get the main theme for our ad, and then we put it into a headline.

And when you have finished, you have five or ten words. If they are the right words, they will be immensely valuable. But they still will be only the start. They are the end of one road, and the beginning of another. Then, the invitation to your ad—the hand you extend to your prospect for your product. Your job is now to make that introduction worthwhile—for both parties.

Next, writing the body of your ad. These techniques are directed toward one end: building conviction—not only instilling the desire for your product, but strengthening that desire with the belief that your product will DO what the prospect wants.

Eugene Schwartz

PDF available for download up to 30 days from purchase.

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