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SEM Services

Hi. Im Matt Wingard, I help you implement and run business objectives and strategies, including business structure, website build/design, domain name/hosting setup, exploring a niche or market segment, market research, marketing plans and business growth.

My Memberships allow us to get immersed in your business, develop a niche, build brand resonance and gain traction with your community. I have 7 and 13 and 22 block sessions to  assist growth now and into the future.
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The Lift Off Membership provides the greatest scope to get stuck into developing your business from start-up to execution or to sharpen a business that is already in action. With this membership of 22 sessions, we can exchange some of the f2f contact hours for me directly working on your business either developing a marketing plan or building a new website and the remaining sessions we can get together and formulate growth and branding strategies.

SEM Overview

For businesses who need start-up support, growth or strategy direction, the SEM business growth memberships are a personalised consultation service that incorporates the super conscious to deliver time savings and increased financial rewards allowing enhanced family lifestyle opportunities. Unlike other marketing & business consultants, our service is an intimate personalised offering to refine your niche and build a community of loyal followers.

I am proud to be a creative entrepreneur, thinking outside the box to deliver unique offerings not available elsewhere. When no-one else is offering the product, it provides a very powerful USP and Point of Difference. It also allows one to control that segment and set the price.

Perhaps you are just starting out in business and don’t know where to begin or are apprehensive moving forward. SEM use proven marketing strategies to get your message into the market, have it resonate with your target audience and see results with cash flow into your business. Why waste time, contact me today and let’s convert your business into a streamlined wealth generator.

I can help with all aspects of implementing and running a business, including choosing a business structure, website building/design, domain names/hosting exploring a niche or market segment, market research, marketing plans and business growth strategies.

“Together we find your niche and create a strategy of growth to supercharge your business for wealth success allowing lifestyle freedom and the ability to make a difference in the world”

Each SEM consultation membership includes a certain amount of contact hours to delve deeper into your business (and personal) goals, ambitions, inspirations, and provides business/marketing strategies to take your ideas to final execution. You also have access to me via email and phone to gain further clarity when stuff/ideas arise.

Consultations are casual, semi-structured sessions working through your SEM Business Growth Template document and tapping into our combined intuitive resources. Each session is around 90 minutes (can be a double session too) concluding with the formation of a SMART objective to be completed prior to our next meetup.

Sessions can take place at your home/business or a coffee shop/bar of your choosing. Anywhere we can focus on finding the best way forward for business growth that offers inspiration so we can think outside the box. I really do not want to conduct ‘boring’, ‘limiting’, ‘same as everyone else’ consultations. SEM is different!

Your membership includes the sessions chosen (8 or 14) + 1yr Spin Tribe membership + IPT options.

Consultation Trial Offer: Take me for a test run to prove I’m a good fit for your business

This session will assist with finding a niche and will investigate your skill set to initiate your optimum direction moving forward. You will be able to assess my style and abilities in assisting your business ambitions and determine if I am the right fit to accelerate your personal and business growth.

This is what happens – Book your initial phone call below by picking a day and time, enter your details and click Book Now. You will be sent an email (check spam folder) with a link to a pre-consult survey. You fill in the survey (which provides a good background about yourself and your business or idea so we can get stuck into the trial consultation and you get the best value for your 30 minute phone call) and then at your nominated time I will contact you. Easy!

  • Fortnightly Group circle – talk/mastermind/share/inspiration/collaboration
  • Adventure days/events
  • Workshops
  • Retreats and Festivals

Spin Tribe offers support and share inspiration at ST group circle gatherings, BBQ catch-ups, Guest speaker/learning events and workshops and Adventure comradery days. Its projected that ST will also run members led Spin Retreats and Spin Festivals in 2020

The intent for Spin Tribe is to empower individuals to be the best they can be in life and assisting entrepreneurs to provide inspirational business offerings to the community.

There is a need to re-connect as a community of creators, to map out our destiny and create a reality full of passion, inspiration, kindness, sharing, love and harmony. The increasing societal dis-connection from nature and our true selves with an ever-pressing reliance on technology is an area of concern that needs addressing.

Spin Tribe was founded to bring like-minded, inspirational and passionate entrepreneurs and individuals together to share and collaborate in forging a future of self-empowerment while undoing reliance on government and corporations within society.

Spin Tribe Members have access to the marketplaces Tribe Market and Freeomy for free.

Tribe Market:

  • Entrepreneur online marketplace (tribemarket.com.au)
  • $87/yr membership
  • 10% commission on sales
  • Includes podcast interviews on store vendors


  • Community online sharing portal (freeomy.com)
  • $55/yr membership

Inspired Personal Transformations

IPT is part of our next level growth solution. In essence its a mindset/healing strategy to move you energetically (emotional/mental/conscious) from one of doubt/restriction to one of infinite abundance. May sound woowoo to some, but hey it works… not only does it work, its essential to remove all limiting beliefs to be able to attain your business (and personal) aspirations. This is an optional addon and well worth the investment (currently offered free in all SEM memberships).

Spin Events Marketing owner, Matt Wingard

I am qualified with a business degree (marketing/tourism/events) and an events diploma. I created SEM to use my skills and knowledge assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their potential of success and sustained growth.

Matts background

“I have been in business since 2003 when I started an Organic Food Garden Installation Service. These gardens were impressive, 10m in diameter complete with 6 circle beds, a centre bed with pond and a rotating chicken dome. They were complete with a permaculture/companion planting philosophy and imported soil consisting of compost, worm castings, rock dust, mushroom compost and vegetable/herb/flower seedlings. Yum! I then moved onto a new business concept making liquid fertiliser and natural neem-based pest controls to further assist amazing food crop growth.

My next venture was working directly with subtle energy to assist with the balancing of human emotions, these were called Vibration Remedies which was my main income stream for many years during which I gained a diploma of health science and started a remedial massage and healing business.

Loving to evolve and experience more of how I can create new products and solve additional identified problems i moved onto co-creating with Sacred Geometry inventing a holographic symbol to attach onto wireless devices and worn as pendants to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. I still make this product, EMF Shield, to this today.

Recently I have developed an Entrepreneurial marketplace for SEM/Spin Tribe members and I have also created a new share platform for locals to easily and freely share goods and services among the membership.

I hope to be of assistance to help you deliver positive outcomes via inspirational offerings.”

Spin dreams to life

Thanks to quantum physicist Nassim Haramein, we have a greater understanding of the significance of Sacred Geometry and Toroidal Fields. Ultimately the fundamental force of the Universe is Spin, without spin, there is no motion and nothing exists!

Our planet, galaxies, tornado’s, river water, atoms/electrons, flowers (look at sunflowers) pine cones/cauliflower (basically all plants grow in a spiral), the golden ratio/spiral, me after 1 too many drinks 😉 … lots of stuff….. actually everything!

Spin is essential for life…. and it will be essential for your business success. Stagnation takes us nowhere, movement/spin creates new opportunities. Spin Events Marketing is your ticket to evolving Greatness!

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Choose Website Style

SEM create visually appealing WordPress websites optimised for SEO and mobile responsive providing your users a seamless experience to increase conversions and build brand reputation. Talk to us today about building your new site or modifying an existing website.

We charge 50% upfront with the remainder due upon site completion prior to release


Great for a landing page or business info 3 page site
$ 499
Once off payment
  • Customised Website
  • Up to 3 Pages
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO with Yoast
  • Social Media Integration
  • Newsletter/Opt-in Integration
  • 21 day Post-Launch Support


$ 39
99 Per Month
  • 15 Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 500 GB Bandwidth


$ 59
99 Per Month
  • 15 Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 500 GB Bandwidth